Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pantyhose Pro-Style Punishment: Diablo Dominates VeVe

Pantyhose Pro-Style: Diablo and VeVe
Pro-Style Mixed Wrestling
March 2014

Diablo is back as a thorn-in-the-side of VeVe Lane as he plays the mean, dominating heel in this special pro-style bout.

For this one-sided match, Diablo wears tan pantyhose with his whites boots and jock strap. VeVe wears flesh-tone pantyhose with black boots and a red nylon thong leotard.

It's entirely a squash match, with Diablo dominating VeVe with 4 specific types of holds: camel clutch, scissors, facesitting, and arm chokeholds. Diablo uses Atomic Drops and shooting takedowns as softening moves as he puts VeVe through her paces. Scissors include body and head scissors, both front and reverse, facesitting is both front and reverse.

Diablo menacingly taunts VeVe as he cranks her in each hold. He squeezes and prolongs each hold as VeVe suffers in misery, pleased with himself as she is forced to submit every time. After he finishes her off with a final camel clutch sleeper combo, he savors his devastating win with a flexing victory pose.

Total running time: 32 minutes

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