Sunday, October 26, 2014

Foot Power Amazon Annie style and wily Indra style!

Foot power in different sizes!  Amazon Annie brings her size 11's into action, while Indra demonstrates her mean and wily style...

1. Amazon Judo Feet
Amazon Annie and Adrian

Decked out in a judo gi jacket and belt, Amazon Annie calls Adrian over to help her work on her judo ground techniques. Ever a good friend, Adrian is happy to oblige... but he has no idea what he's in for. Especially when Annie gets her strong size 11 feet involved...

Annie works through several judo ground holds, working on her arm locks, triangle holds (sankaku-jime), and mounted pins. She also crushes Adrian with reverse facesits and squeezes him with scissorholds, showing off her bare amazonian legs. Since her feet are so big and strong, she is especially sure to use them as much as possible with her holds - covering and smothering Adrian's face with her soles, foot choking him, and controlling his face with her toes.

In fact, Annie loves using her feet so much that she rubs her feet in his face gratuitously, even asking him to kiss them. Annie's feet are shown in almost every shot, often in the foreground as they smother or control Adrian's face, as they lock together in scissorholds, or turned soles-up as she facesits him. Adrian is a compliant practice partner, but he is overwhelmed by Annie's holds and glorious feet. Each time she locks him in another hold, he can only groan in pain, bear it, and eventually tap out. Once Annie decides that Adrian can't take any more, she drags his exhausted body along the mats, and takes a moment for a smiling victory pose over him.

Total running time: 16 minutes

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2. Lured by Feet!Indra and Adrian

In this fantasy scenario, Indra plays a nefarious secret agent on an undercover assignment to steal a vital set of passwords from security agent Adrian. Posing as a friendly new neighbor, Indra pays a visit to Adrian's apartment... Indra has done her research for the assignment, and she knows very well that Adrian has a particular affinity for ladies' feet. And so, once she's been welcomed into Adrian's home, she slides off her shoes and begins her seduction...

Indra invites Adrian to give her a foot massage, chatting playfully with him to put him at ease. She then invites him to lay down so that she can give him a little back massage with her perfectly pedicured feet and toes. Once Adrian is fully relaxed, Indra then offers him a chance to try something "kinky" as she produces two coils of rope from her bag. Charmed by Indra's infatuating personality and excited by the idea of kinky fun with his lovely new neighbor, Adrian agrees to let her tie him up. Indra ties Adrian's wrists together and his ankles together, all the while continuing to chat with him. And once he is securely bound, she stands over him and demands the passwords.

Before Adrian can recover from this shock, Indra stomps his stomach and steps up on top of him. [Read More...]

Running time: 22 minutes

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