Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Secretary Catball Fight! VeVe Lane and Candy Pain

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Secretary Catball Fight
VeVe Lane and Candy Pain

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After a disagreement in the break room, secretaries VeVe and Candy fly at each other and hit the ground in a wild rolling tangle of skirts, hair, clawing hands, and nylon-clad legs!

As the ladies roll and grab at each other, they lose their shoes, their tidy hair-do's come undone, and their neat office attire becomes totally disheveled! Their argument continues the entire time, punctuated by shrieks and screams as they pull each other's hair and claw at each other's faces. And above all, they stay pressed front-to-front throughout, their pantyhose-clad legs entwined as they roll and writhe.

Finally, after a marathon struggle, VeVe seizes her opportunity and puts Candy out. She tidies up her outfit while standing over her downed rival and then arrogantly takes her leave.
Total running time: 43 minutes

Wrestling is all in furious catball style. No slapping, no striking. Camera angles: full body, mid-range, and "in their faces" close-up. Both ladies in skirts and blouses with nude color pantyhose. Their pantyhose NEVER run or tear at all!

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