Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Secretary Catball Fight! VeVe Lane and Candy Pain

Be aggressive for corporate success!

Secretary Catball Fight
VeVe Lane and Candy Pain

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After a disagreement in the break room, secretaries VeVe and Candy fly at each other and hit the ground in a wild rolling tangle of skirts, hair, clawing hands, and nylon-clad legs!

As the ladies roll and grab at each other, they lose their shoes, their tidy hair-do's come undone, and their neat office attire becomes totally disheveled! Their argument continues the entire time, punctuated by shrieks and screams as they pull each other's hair and claw at each other's faces. And above all, they stay pressed front-to-front throughout, their pantyhose-clad legs entwined as they roll and writhe.

Finally, after a marathon struggle, VeVe seizes her opportunity and puts Candy out. She tidies up her outfit while standing over her downed rival and then arrogantly takes her leave.
Total running time: 43 minutes

Wrestling is all in furious catball style. No slapping, no striking. Camera angles: full body, mid-range, and "in their faces" close-up. Both ladies in skirts and blouses with nude color pantyhose. Their pantyhose NEVER run or tear at all!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Competitive Mixed Wrestling: VeVe vs Howl, March 2014

Lean and mean...

VeVe Lane vs Howl
Competitive Mixed Wrestling

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VeVe faces off against newcomer Howl in a fully competitive match! Howl is a lean and fit cyclist who wrestled for 1 year in high school. He weighs in at 130 lbs, making a great match-up for 120 lb VeVe. Howl is excited for the match-up, always looking forward to new athletic challenges, but he has no idea what he's in for...

After an intro arm wrestling match and muscle comparison, both competitors hit the mats with high energy. They battle for pins and submissions, each wrestler working for the win. But while Howl relies on pure athleticism and instinct, VeVe calls on her superior technique and full submission arsenal to seize control.

Howl fights as hard as he can, but he finds that cycling endurance doesn't exactly translate to grappling. Meanwhile, VeVe, with her debilitating submission attacks and incredible wrestling stamina, continues to wear him down, scoring multiple submissions and even cockily taunting him while he's trapped. Howl pushes himself to the limit, but after 20 punishing minutes, the more experienced VeVe emerges with an impressive victory. As Howl lies exhausted, VeVe celebrates with self-satisfied victory posing.

Total running time: 25 minutes

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See VeVe's photoset for this match on her Tumblr:

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sinn Sage and VeVe Lane: Facesitting and Smothers Match

We had the pleasure of filming with Sinn Sage, and VeVe had to face Sinn's palpable smother ability...

Facesitting and Smothers Match
Sinn Sage and VeVe Lane
March 2014

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VeVe faces off against visiting wrestler Sinn Sage in a special rules match: submissions can only be gained by facesitting and smothers! The voluptuous Sinn has a big advantage in this department, but VeVe tries her best to smother right back.

Breast smothers, front facesitting, reverse facesitting, and reverse head scissors are all fair game. The match has a playful and flirtacious tone, and the ladies banter teasingly... that is, of course, unless one of them is stuck below!

Plenty of back and forth facesitting and smothering from both Sinn and VeVe as they reverse each other after prolonged holds. If any facesit or smother becomes too much to bear, there is no choice but to tap out.

Sinn, however, decides to ignore VeVe's final tap out, finding it just so comfortable to be seated on her face. When VeVe falls quiet, Sinn then celebrates with a series of proud victory poses.

Running time: 17 minutes

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