Monday, July 14, 2014

3 Mixed Videos: Savannah Fox, VeVe, Andrea Rosu

3 recent mixed wrestling releases...

1. Savannah Fox's Pantyhose Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling Domination

Decked out in sheer black pantyhose and a thong leotard, Savannah "Big Booty" Fox locks up with Diablo in this mixed wrestling fantasy bout.

As the two tangle gracefully on the mats, Savannah gains the upper hand and wraps her nylon-clad legs around Diablo as much as she can to keep him under control. She catches him with body scissors, tight head scissors, cross-body pins, and crucifixes. In fact, she grabs and traps him with her legs whenever she can, inventing some hold variations of her own.  Read More...

Running time: 16 minutes

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2. Lingerie Duo Domination
VeVe Lane, Andrea Rosu, Conrad

VeVe and Andrea Rosu invite Conrad over to their suite for a little fun... Conrad arrives expecting to wrestle, but he instead finds the ladies dressed in high heels, thigh-high stockings, and lingerie. Clearly, they have other plans for him. Oh, they'll have fun all right... but at his expense!

The ladies kick off their shoes, throw Conrad to the mats, and hold him down. It's a play date, but Conrad is just the toy. The ladies proceed to physically dominate, overpower, and torture him by roughing him up, locking their nylon-clad legs around him, spanking him, sitting on his face and body, belly punching, and trapping him in wrestling holds.  Read More...

Running time: 16 minutes

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3. Mixed Scissors Championship (Pro-Style)
VeVe Lane and Diablo

The men's pro wrestling star Rick Rage (Diablo) faces off against the women's pro wrestling star VeVe Lane in this mean, punishing, and lengthy intergender championship bout! And what's more, this is the Mixed Scissors Championship, where the competitors must use scissorholds as their primary submission attack.

The match is in rowdy, over-the-top pro-wrestling style, with both VeVe and Rick catching each other in several prolonged body scissors and head scissors.  Read more...

Running time: 48 minutes

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