Tuesday, June 3, 2014

VeVe's Judo Job Interview

Judo Job Interview
VeVe, Thrash, Hanz, Lance

The top judo school in the state had placed an ad looking for a new sensei. Eager to apply for the position, VeVe visits the school for a job interview.

However, the school's chief instructor, Thrash, is not impressed to have a woman applying for the position. Polite but confident, VeVe offers to spar with him to demonstrate her ability. Thrash is quite skeptical, but he sighs and accepts her offer. Delighted, VeVe runs off to change her clothes.

VeVe returns wearing a short blue gi jacket, black belt, and black pantyhose. She meets Sensei Thrash on the mats, and their match begins. VeVe defeats Thrash with ease, winning every throw and finishing him each time with a submission. Stunned, Thrash calls in his colleagues, hoping to intimidate VeVe. Sensei Hanz and Sensei Lance enter as well, scowling and looming. However, their presence doesn't bother VeVe at all, and she continues to defeat Thrash on every throw.

As Thrash stands embarrassed and confused, Sensei Hanz steps in to settle the score. However, VeVe defeats him just as easily, submitting him after every throw. Hanz is perplexed, but Sensei Lance steps up to fight... only to be tossed and submitted as well.

The men try to maintain their dignity as they stagger back to their corner. Still confident, VeVe offers to let them fight her 2 against 1. The men accept and come at her in pairs, but VeVe gracefully moves from one to the other, throwing, taunting, and even submitting them, despite the faster pace. Exhausted but desperate for redemption, Thrash orders his colleagues to all attack at once, making it 3 against 1. But VeVe defeats them even so, continuing to win every single throw.

Finally, with the men too exhausted to continue, VeVe strips off her gi jacket to finish them off wearing only her black bra, pantyhose, and belt. In turn, she punishes each of them with foot chokeholds, feet to the groin, a face sit, and several victory poses... and as she leaves them in shame, she declares that these three aren't worth working with after all.

Total running time: 26 minutes

Available via clips4sale: http://www.clips4sale.com/47489/10613405

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