Saturday, June 21, 2014

Female Zentai Wrestling: Amazon Annie and Minxy Li

Female Zentai Suit Wrestling
Amazon Annie and Minxy Li
March 2014

Minxy Li and Amazon Annie get suited up to make their zentai wrestling debut! The curvy Minxy wears the teal suit and amazonian Annie wears the red.

They hit the mats in a continuous, smooth-rolling bout with good back-and-forth action. The ladies use a variety of scissor holds, facesitting, smothers, and body pins, entwining their nylon-clad legs and bodies as they struggle for dominance. There is no speaking, but instead just exertion groans, moans, heavy breathing, and the sound of sliding nylon. No tap outs; no stopping.

Minxy in teal works hard, but larger Annie gains the upper hand and triumphs in the end. She finishes with a final smothering pin and then a standing victory pose.

Minxy 5'1" and 140 lbs.
Annie: 6' and 200 lbs.

The zentai suits are nicely shiny in the light and they fit the ladies very well. Suits worn the entire time.

Total running time: 11 minutes

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