Monday, June 30, 2014

Minxy Li vs Adrian: Mixed Wrestling

Minxy Li vs Adrian
Competitive Mixed Wrestling
March 2014

Between shoots during a big filming day, Adrian started running his mouth at visiting wrestler Minxy Li. He casually questioned Minxy's fitness and prowess, laughing her off from behind the safety of the shoot schedule, which did not call for them to have a match together. However, Minxy got SO fired up by Adrian's trash talk, that we decided to let them have a match right then and there!

Adrian was caught off guard, but he accepted the bout against the thoroughly annoyed Minxy. Scoring conditions include both submissions and pins. Time to see if Adrian can backup all that talk.
Minxy's irritation is clear even from the opening interview, and she flies at Adrian as soon as the match begins. Her fitness and quickness are clearly superior to Adrian's; she's been training and he hasn't worked out at all. Though Adrian is slower and less fit, he does attempt a plodding offensive. However, Minxy's feisty energy and fast legs really wear down his poor stamina...

Both Minxy and Adrian score various submissions, but fatigue hits Adrian hard as he tries to keep up. Muscle exhaustion cripples him into immobility at times, and Minxy gladly takes advantage of the opportunity. Adrian tries his best to stay in the game, but Minxy is more skilled and better suited for endurance.

When time expires, both competitors are exhausted... but the fitter, more tenacious Minxy comes out with the win. Adrian can barely move, so Minxy steps up on top of him for a mean-spirited, gloating, taunting, and prolonged victory pose.

Two 10-minute rounds, plus opening and closing interviews conducted by VeVe.
Total running time: 27 minutes

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Female Zentai Wrestling: Amazon Annie and Minxy Li

Female Zentai Suit Wrestling
Amazon Annie and Minxy Li
March 2014

Minxy Li and Amazon Annie get suited up to make their zentai wrestling debut! The curvy Minxy wears the teal suit and amazonian Annie wears the red.

They hit the mats in a continuous, smooth-rolling bout with good back-and-forth action. The ladies use a variety of scissor holds, facesitting, smothers, and body pins, entwining their nylon-clad legs and bodies as they struggle for dominance. There is no speaking, but instead just exertion groans, moans, heavy breathing, and the sound of sliding nylon. No tap outs; no stopping.

Minxy in teal works hard, but larger Annie gains the upper hand and triumphs in the end. She finishes with a final smothering pin and then a standing victory pose.

Minxy 5'1" and 140 lbs.
Annie: 6' and 200 lbs.

The zentai suits are nicely shiny in the light and they fit the ladies very well. Suits worn the entire time.

Total running time: 11 minutes

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mixed Pro-Style Wrestling: Diablo Dominates Minxy Li

Diablo Dominates Minxy Li
Pro-Style Mixed Wrestling

London visitor Minxy Li takes on arrogant local heel Diablo in a pro-style bout. Sadly for poor Minxy, Diablo is a bit more than she bargained for...

Throughout the 3-round match, Diablo dominates the action, overpowering Minxy and working her through a variety of pro-style holds. Minxy struggles and tries a few attacks of her own, but her efforts barely phase her opponent.

Diablo uses the following holds, often repeated: Boston Crab, single-leg crab, Camel Clutch, Bow and Arrow, Sharp Shooter, Ceiling Hold, Surf Board, Stretch Muffler, Toe Hold variation. He also softens her up using Atomic Drops, body pressure, and double leg takedowns.

Diablo forces Minxy to submit with every hold, gladly taunting her as she moans and suffers. After each submission, the two return to their respective corners for another go. And finally, once time expires, Diablo declares his victory over the exhausted Minxy and enjoys a haughty victory pose.

Total running time: 24 minutes

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

VeVe vs Rachel DD: Competitive Female Wrestling

VeVe vs Rachel DD
Competitive Female Wrestling
March 2014

By special request, VeVe takes on visiting wrestler Rachel DD (Goddess Rachelle) in a fully competitive submission wrestling match!

Though she has no formal training, Rachel is a fierce and scrappy fighter with a no-nonsense attitude. She knows that VeVe has the edge in wrestling experience, so she comes on hard right from the start, flying at her opponent with fast, ferocious energy. VeVe braces for the storm and meets the rush head-on, redirecting Rachel's attacks and working to control her energetic opponent.

The ladies hold nothing back, pushing the pace throughout. VeVe clearly has the submission skill advantage, but Rachel never once backs down. Rachel grits her teeth and fights her hardest, despite the hopeless odds.
It's a dynamic match with many submissions, straining muscles, tangled legs and bodies, great scrappiness, and a decisive winner. All submissions are legal.

VeVe: 5'4" and 120 lbs.
Rachel DD: 5'4" and 120 lbs. 

Total running time: 22 minutes

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Female Lift Wrestling: VeVe Lane and Orlandoe

Female Lift Wrestling
VeVe vs Orlandoe
March 2014

In an awesome display of athleticism in action, VeVe and Orlandoe face off in a Lift Wrestling match. The objective: lift your opponent off the ground for 5 seconds to score a point. Most points wins. This style is inspired by traditional Hungarian wrestling.

The ladies are primed to go, set for four 5-minute rounds. VeVe wears a very shiny black latex top and pants combo, and Orlandoe wears a purple latex bra and black "wet look" pants. After a brief intro, they jump into the fray.

Both ladies are very fit, sporting, and competitive, and they work hard to catch each other's legs or body for the lifts. Many lifts are completed successfully for the full 5 seconds - including bear hug lifts, single leg lifts, high crotch lifts, even some over-the-shoulder, and up-side down lifts. But not all attempts are successful; if even a toe touches down, then the count has to reset. 

It's an exhausting challenge: the many lifts, the fighting for grips, and the holding up of a struggling, lifted opponent. Whew! It's hard work, but a very satisfying physical challenge! The winner gets a free lift of her choice, and she carries the loser around the mats while gloating.

Total running time: 23 minutes

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VeVe's Judo Job Interview

Judo Job Interview
VeVe, Thrash, Hanz, Lance

The top judo school in the state had placed an ad looking for a new sensei. Eager to apply for the position, VeVe visits the school for a job interview.

However, the school's chief instructor, Thrash, is not impressed to have a woman applying for the position. Polite but confident, VeVe offers to spar with him to demonstrate her ability. Thrash is quite skeptical, but he sighs and accepts her offer. Delighted, VeVe runs off to change her clothes.

VeVe returns wearing a short blue gi jacket, black belt, and black pantyhose. She meets Sensei Thrash on the mats, and their match begins. VeVe defeats Thrash with ease, winning every throw and finishing him each time with a submission. Stunned, Thrash calls in his colleagues, hoping to intimidate VeVe. Sensei Hanz and Sensei Lance enter as well, scowling and looming. However, their presence doesn't bother VeVe at all, and she continues to defeat Thrash on every throw.

As Thrash stands embarrassed and confused, Sensei Hanz steps in to settle the score. However, VeVe defeats him just as easily, submitting him after every throw. Hanz is perplexed, but Sensei Lance steps up to fight... only to be tossed and submitted as well.

The men try to maintain their dignity as they stagger back to their corner. Still confident, VeVe offers to let them fight her 2 against 1. The men accept and come at her in pairs, but VeVe gracefully moves from one to the other, throwing, taunting, and even submitting them, despite the faster pace. Exhausted but desperate for redemption, Thrash orders his colleagues to all attack at once, making it 3 against 1. But VeVe defeats them even so, continuing to win every single throw.

Finally, with the men too exhausted to continue, VeVe strips off her gi jacket to finish them off wearing only her black bra, pantyhose, and belt. In turn, she punishes each of them with foot chokeholds, feet to the groin, a face sit, and several victory poses... and as she leaves them in shame, she declares that these three aren't worth working with after all.

Total running time: 26 minutes

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