Thursday, May 8, 2014

Superheroine Pro-Style Wrestling: VeVe vs Darling

Superheroine Pro-Style: VeVe vs Darling
Female Pro-Style Wrestling
February 2014

VeVe Lane and Darling get suited up in their cosplay attire for this special pro-style Superheroine Match, with VeVe as Cammy and Darling as the Evil Ninja!

The ladies clash on the mats, with VeVe taking control from the start. She dominates Evil Ninja Darling using grapevines, facesits, the matchbook pins, Camel Clutch, scissors, Boston Crab, single Crab, Bow and Arrow, Leg Hook pin, and more.

But just as VeVe almost has the Ninja pinned, Darling kicks out and turns the tables! Ninja Darling seizes control and tortures VeVe with facesits, grapevines, Camel Clutch, the Hammer lock, the Ceiling Hold, scissors, armbars, matchbook pin, Boston Crab, single-leg Crab, reverse crucifix, Bow and Arrow, Dragon Sleeper Hold, and many other leg-spreading, crotch-exposing holds.

Darling finally puts her opponent down with the Dragon Sleeper and finishes arrogantly with a Leg Hook pin before striking a standing victory pose. The villainess triumphs over our poor heroine!

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