Friday, May 9, 2014

Back-Bending Mixed Pro-Style with Candy Pain

More pro-style action with Candy Pain...

Back-Bending Mixed Pro-Style
Candy Pain Dominates Hanz
February 2014

The bubbly, punkish Candy Pain faces off against Hanz in a special pro-style bout. Candy just loves working her opponents through torturous back-bending holds, and for this match she sets out to bend Hanz to his absolute limit!

Candy takes Hanz by surprise and totally dominates the entire match. She works him through several Boston Crabs, squatting deeply and maintaining the hold as long as it amuses her. She also uses single-leg crabs, lotus locks, Camel Clutches (pulled very high), the Surf Board (also pulled very high), Bow and Arrow, and grapevine. Candy returns to the Boston Crab again and again, delighted to show off this beloved back-bender.

Hanz is totally helpless in Candy's prolonged holds, and he groans in agony as she stretches him to the max. Candy loves it, and it's all music to her ears. She taunts him, laughs, and reminds him of his helplessness.
With a final Boston Crab, Candy forces Hanz to thank her and admit that she schooled him. She concludes with a beaming victory pose.

Total running time: 21 minutes

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