Tuesday, April 1, 2014

VeVe vs Adrian: Rematch 2014. Competitive Mixed Wrestling

VeVe vs Adrian: Rematch 2014
Competitive Mixed Wrestling
January 2014

VeVe and Adrian clash once again in this fully competitive mixed wrestling rematch! Adrian hasn't been training, but he is determined to start the new year with some submissions against the Petite Powerhouse.
He comes on hard, throwing his weight around to meet VeVe's high energy. But despite Adrian's energetic attempts, he struggles to hold on to his crafty opponent. VeVe turns Adrian's force against him, reversing him and demonstrating that unfocused power can be a liability against a skilled grappler. 

After his initial fiery attacks are turned aside, Adrian's stamina soon fades. He put so much energy into the first exchanges, only to be countered, submitted, and exhausted. But Adrian fights on regardless. VeVe teases him for his lack of fitness, defeating his weak attacks, laughing at him, and submitting him even more. She catches him with armbars, chokeholds, shoulder locks, grapevines, a triangle, head scissors, and even a body scissors.

VeVe's skill and fitness clearly surpass Adrian's, and Adrian's size "advantage" proves no advantage here. VeVe taunts him to keep trying, but his attempts are useless. He's just so worn down that he can barely move. She quickly takes advantage and torments him with humiliatingly painful holds, finally finishing with a victory pose. ... Adrian's got some resolutions to make!

Running time: 25 minutes

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