Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mixed Judo Pins: Immobilizing Holds

Judo pins match....

Immobilizing Holds
VeVe Lane and Diablo

Sensei Diablo invites his student VeVe to a "pins-only" judo match, since VeVe had done so well in her lessons on immobilizing holds. The aim is to immobilize the opponent for a full 20-second count.

The match begins on cordial terms, and Sensei Diablo traps VeVe in numerous immobilizing positions. He struggles to control VeVe, but does score a few 20-count pins. However, it's much harder than he expects. 
VeVe escapes more often than she is pinned, and she even manages to catch Diablo in pins of her own, forcing him to him indignantly fights his way free. Diablo becomes increasingly frustrated as he finds VeVe so difficult to control, and he gets much rougher with her as he becomes more angry. He works harder and more forcefully, pinning her with judo holds, knee-on-belly, and a school boy pins, but VeVe always escapes before he reaches 20.

VeVe takes advantage of his growing anger, causing him to make a mistake and trapping him with a strong crucifix hold. Diablo struggles desperately, but VeVe holds him for the full 20 seconds! Dishonored, Diablo refuses to admit defeat, so VeVe gi-chokes him until he concedes.

With his uniform undone and belt lost on the mats, the sensei lies humiliated as his student VeVe removes her jacket, sits astride him, and strikes a prolonged flexing victory pose.
Total running time: 29 minutes

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