Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tap-Out Lesson with VeVe and Honey LWS

Tap-Out Lesson
VeVe Lane and Honey LWS
September 2013

VeVe's been hearing some complaints that Honey's been going too hard on her jiujitsu opponents. Apparently Honey hasn't been letting them go after they submit and tap out. So VeVe decides to teach Honey a lesson...

VeVe works Honey over with a variety of painful holds and locks, showing Honey just how much it hurts to be stuck in these submissions. Honey taps out repeatedly, but VeVe is simply not convinced that Honey truly understands - Honey insists on talking back and denying that she did anything wrong. And so, VeVe continues to work Honey over, putting her through prolonged holds, scolding her for being mean to her previous opponents, and making her submit over and over.

VeVe uses the following holds: mounted triangles, arm bars, the double arm bar, head scissors, Lotus Lock, shoulder locks, grapevine, chokehold, body scissors, triangle, knee bar, reverse triangle, and more. These holds are often repeated throughout and performed with variations. Finally satisfied after 30 minutes of berating and tormenting, VeVe declares that Honey has learned her lesson. She poses over Honey with one foot on Honey's throat and then leaves her lying on the mats.

Running time: 30 minutes

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