Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lia Labowe's Mixed Wrestling Submission Clinic

Lia Labowe's Submission Clinic
Mixed Wrestling Athletic Domination

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By special request, Lia Labowe squares off against Hanz in this submission-filled, athletic domination match. Lia unleashes an arsenal of graceful submission holds on Hanz as he struggles to escape and survive.

The match is one-sided with a lively and athletic pace. Lia maintains total control with skill and finesse, luring Hanz into her holds and taunting him when he finds himself painfully trapped.

Lia uses a variety of submission holds, including tight chokeholds, punishing head scissors and body scissors, the grapevine and reverse grapevine, shoulder locks, triangle, mounted triangle, arm bars, and even a camel clutch.

Lia teases Hanz as she out-maneuvers him, totally confident and smiling as she forces him to tap out. The match has an intimate tone, and Lia's holds are prolonged and torturous.

She finishes him with an incredibly tight mounted triangle and then taunts him further with a satisfied victory pose.

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