Sunday, March 9, 2014

Julie Squeeze Dominates Justin: Mixed Wrestling Domination

Julie Squeeze Dominates Justin
Mixed Wrestling Domination
October 2013

The sadistic Julie Squeeze is back on the mats for more mixed wrestling domination. Once again, she is sporting her sleek pantyhose to best highlight her legs for the action.

Julie faces off against Justin as she works to find out just how much punishment Justin can handle. She locks him up in a variety of squeezing holds, including triangles, body scissors, and head scissors, putting her feet and legs into his face whenever she likes.

Julie also, surprisingly, throws in a Boston Crab and Camel Clutch, as well as some belly punching that Justin finds quite unpleasant!

Julie is nonchalant and enjoys torturing her victim. A smile creeps across her face when Justin suffers in her holds or groans in pain. She makes him tap out again and again, crushing him with her legs and making him sweat from the torment. Once Justin can finally take no more, Julie concludes with a self-satisfied victory pose.

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