Monday, March 3, 2014

Judoka Secretary! VeVe Lane, Hanz, and Justin

From September 2013...

Judoka Secretary!
VeVe Lane, Hanz, Justin

In this video, VeVe portrays the secretary of a judo school. As she closes the studio for the night, she discovers that two men are still training. She politely requests that they stop for the night, but they refuse and even throw her a few times to make their point!

But VeVe will not be deterred. She turns right around, still in her office attire (but no shoes), and throws each of the men several times. But Sensei Hanz and Sensei Justin still refuse to leave. So VeVe decides to give them a much harder lesson.

VeVe leaves the room and returns wearing her short judo gi jacket with her black pantyhose. She ties on her belt, declaring "Now it's time for the real training to begin." VeVe steps onto the mat to show the men who's really in charge of this school... 

She takes on each of the men, tossing them with hip throws, wrist throws, foot trips, and Tomoe Nage throws. She follows with submission finishes: mounted triangles, head scissors, arm locks, lotus locks, triangles, chokeholds, and more. VeVe looks for every opportunity to stick her feet and legs into her opponent's face, throat, or even groin, to further their humiliation.

She dominates the pair with style and flair... and a little swagger! After so much punishment, the men can take no more. With her opponents unable to get up, VeVe strikes a foot-on-groin victory pose. If only they'd listened to her in the first place, they could have avoided such a humiliating lesson! 

Running time: 32 minutes

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