Thursday, February 20, 2014

Toned Tommi in Mixed Pro-Style Wrestling

Toned Tommi suits up in leotard and tights for some pro-style mixed wrestling!

Pro-Style: Toned Tommi Dominates Hanz
Mixed Pro-Style Wrestling
November 2013

Toned Tommi dons the leotard and shiny tights for her pro-style wrestling debut! And it's about time her great legs got into some shiny tights! She faces off against Hanz Vanderkill.

A natural heel with the muscle to back it up, Tommi totally dominates the match and works Hanz over with a variety of pro-style holds, including: camel clutch, matchbook pin, toe hold, grapevine, ab claw, leg hook pin, surf board, fireman's carry, lotus lock, Boston crab, venus flytrap, figure-4 leg lock, triangle, full nelson, and head scissors.

Tommi puts Hanz's flexibility to the test, stretching his legs, shoulders, and back as far as they can go. Hanz struggles futilely in the holds, but Tommi just laughs and taunts him, until she forces him to submit. VeVe Lane watches from the sidelines, cheering for Tommi, encouraging her, and also laughing at Hanz.
Tommi finishes with a sleeper hold, then concludes with a self-satisfied victory pose. A great job by Tommi for her first-ever mixed pro-style match!

Total running time: 18:13

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