Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Savannah Fox's Mixed Wrestling Domination

Another video from our October 2013 event!

Savannah Fox's Mixed Wrestling Domination
with Thrash

Savannah "Big Booty" Fox shows her physical domination abilities on the mats against hapless male opponent Thrash. As Savannah pins Thrash down, she announces her rules for the match: that he will have to wrestle against her booty!

Using her favorite asset, Savannah wrestles Thrash down and traps him with a variety of facesitting pins. 
She smothers him with front and reverse facesits, bouncing on him, shaking her booty in his face, and playfully experimenting with different ways she can sit on him. And though she really enjoys facesitting, Savannah also torments Thrash with several scissor holds.

Savannah is entirely amused to trap Thrash beneath her, laughing and teasing as she bounces on his face. She concludes by declaring that he lost to her ass, hits a final school girl pin, and then a foot-on-chest standing pose.

Full video running time: 17 minutes

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