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Mistress Kara vs Minxy Li: Competitive Female Wrestling

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Mistress Kara vs Minxy Li
Competitive Female Wrestling
October 2013

Brave Minxy Li from London takes on the powerful Mistress Kara in a competitive wrestling match for our October 2013 event. It's an uphill battle for Minxy, as Kara has the advantage in both size and experience.

Kara comes on hard and strong, exerting dominant control over Minxy from the very start. Kara's holds are nearly inescapable for Minxy, and despite Minxy's struggling efforts, she often finds herself immobilized and held tight.

The ladies trade some verbal banter as Minxy tries to talk her way out of certain positions. Kara responds playfully verbally, but she doesn't let up and continues to dominate physically.

As the match wears on, exhaustion sets in for Minxy and she starts to waver, but she retains her composure even as Kara keeps the pressure on. A test of will for Minxy and a dominant, controlling performance by Kara. Most submissions wins. 

Mistress Kara: 5'7" and 155 lbs.
Minxy Li: 5'2" and 141 lbs.

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