Thursday, January 16, 2014

Minxy Li's Favorite Mixed Wrestling Holds

The charming Minxy Li proudly presents...

Minxy Li's Favorite Holds
Mixed Wrestling Domination
October 2013

Minxy Li is pleased to show off some of her favorite mixed wrestling holds on her hapless victim Thrash.

With style, flair, and brilliant dialogue, Minxy works Thrash through painful holds, stretching him as far as he can stretch... and then some. She delights in subjecting him to the Camel Clutch, Lotus Lock, Chicken Wing, Boston Crab and single Crab, a "Minxy" leg lock, and a groin stretcher.

Minxy spends several minutes on each major hold, enjoying prolonged holds and repeated stretching.
Minxy is bright, witty, a truly a sadistic delight. She laughs as he groans in pain, tormenting him as he is helpless in these vulnerable positions. Minxy is dominant, mischievous, and bit naughty! She finishes up with a matchbook pin and a quick victory pose.

Total running time: 15:34

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