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Judo Battle of the Sexes! Venom, VeVe, Justin, Thrash

Judo Battle of the Sexes
Venom, VeVe, Justin, Thrash
October 2013

Female martial artists Venom and VeVe are peacefully practicing judo together when they are interrupted by a pair of cocky male judoka.

The boys are amused by the girls training and arrogantly offer to train with them. The ladies politely agree, and all train together in an open randori.

The men pair-up with the ladies, and both pairs judo throw each other, all working simultaneously. And after each throw, the thrower follows with a submission finish. In the casual practice, the ladies make most of the throws, but the men make some throws as well (open randori about 9 min).

The men are impressed and feeling competitive, so they challenge the ladies to a judo match - taking turns one-on-one. The ladies agree, and the first male/female pair steps up: Venom vs Justin (7 min). Then: VeVe vs Thrash (5 min), Venom vs Thrash (5 min), and VeVe vs Justin (5 min).

The ladies are clearly better at judo than their male challengers, winning every single throw and finishing with painful and humiliating submission attacks. Throws include Tomoe Nage (many!), hip throws, trips, and sweeps. Submissions include armbars, mounted triangle, chokes, foot chokes, and shoulder locks. They ladies throw hard and are mean with their finishes, often shoving their feet into the men's faces.

By the end, the men are completely humiliated by their losses and by the rough treatment from the ladies. Especially after they'd come in so arrogantly! The ladies give them each one last Tomoe Nage throw and finish with a foot-on-groin double victory pose over both men.

Full video running time: 36 minutes

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