Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mistress Kara vs Minxy Li: Competitive Female Wrestling

More female wrestling action...

Mistress Kara vs Minxy Li
Competitive Female Wrestling
October 2013

Brave Minxy Li from London takes on the powerful Mistress Kara in a competitive wrestling match for our October 2013 event. It's an uphill battle for Minxy, as Kara has the advantage in both size and experience.

Kara comes on hard and strong, exerting dominant control over Minxy from the very start. Kara's holds are nearly inescapable for Minxy, and despite Minxy's struggling efforts, she often finds herself immobilized and held tight.

The ladies trade some verbal banter as Minxy tries to talk her way out of certain positions. Kara responds playfully verbally, but she doesn't let up and continues to dominate physically.

As the match wears on, exhaustion sets in for Minxy and she starts to waver, but she retains her composure even as Kara keeps the pressure on. A test of will for Minxy and a dominant, controlling performance by Kara. Most submissions wins. 

Mistress Kara: 5'7" and 155 lbs.
Minxy Li: 5'2" and 141 lbs.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Judo Battle of the Sexes! Venom, VeVe, Justin, Thrash

Judo Battle of the Sexes
Venom, VeVe, Justin, Thrash
October 2013

Female martial artists Venom and VeVe are peacefully practicing judo together when they are interrupted by a pair of cocky male judoka.

The boys are amused by the girls training and arrogantly offer to train with them. The ladies politely agree, and all train together in an open randori.

The men pair-up with the ladies, and both pairs judo throw each other, all working simultaneously. And after each throw, the thrower follows with a submission finish. In the casual practice, the ladies make most of the throws, but the men make some throws as well (open randori about 9 min).

The men are impressed and feeling competitive, so they challenge the ladies to a judo match - taking turns one-on-one. The ladies agree, and the first male/female pair steps up: Venom vs Justin (7 min). Then: VeVe vs Thrash (5 min), Venom vs Thrash (5 min), and VeVe vs Justin (5 min).

The ladies are clearly better at judo than their male challengers, winning every single throw and finishing with painful and humiliating submission attacks. Throws include Tomoe Nage (many!), hip throws, trips, and sweeps. Submissions include armbars, mounted triangle, chokes, foot chokes, and shoulder locks. They ladies throw hard and are mean with their finishes, often shoving their feet into the men's faces.

By the end, the men are completely humiliated by their losses and by the rough treatment from the ladies. Especially after they'd come in so arrogantly! The ladies give them each one last Tomoe Nage throw and finish with a foot-on-groin double victory pose over both men.

Full video running time: 36 minutes

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Minxy Li's Favorite Mixed Wrestling Holds

The charming Minxy Li proudly presents...

Minxy Li's Favorite Holds
Mixed Wrestling Domination
October 2013

Minxy Li is pleased to show off some of her favorite mixed wrestling holds on her hapless victim Thrash.

With style, flair, and brilliant dialogue, Minxy works Thrash through painful holds, stretching him as far as he can stretch... and then some. She delights in subjecting him to the Camel Clutch, Lotus Lock, Chicken Wing, Boston Crab and single Crab, a "Minxy" leg lock, and a groin stretcher.

Minxy spends several minutes on each major hold, enjoying prolonged holds and repeated stretching.
Minxy is bright, witty, a truly a sadistic delight. She laughs as he groans in pain, tormenting him as he is helpless in these vulnerable positions. Minxy is dominant, mischievous, and bit naughty! She finishes up with a matchbook pin and a quick victory pose.

Total running time: 15:34

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rematch! VeVe Lane vs Julie Squeeze 2013

The ladies meet for a rematch at our October 2013 event...

VeVe Lane vs Julie Squeeze: REMATCH 2013
Competitive Female Wrestling
October 2013

These ladies first met on the mats in 2010, and now, 3 years later and in front of a live audience, VeVe takes on Julie Squeeze in a much-anticipated wrestling rematch!

The room is silent and tense as the ladies hit the mats, and though the audience applauds each successful submission, the tension remains as the match progresses.

Julie keeps her composure as VeVe presses the offensive. VeVe is prepared with a variety of submission attacks, but Julie hangs on for just the right moment to throw on a scissors hold.

In the end, the winner claims a decisive victory after scoring multiple submissions and dominating the top position. Match is two rounds of 7:30.

VeVe: 5'4" and 120 lbs.
Julie: 5'7" and 128 lbs.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Savannah Fox's Mixed Wrestling Domination

Another video from our October 2013 event!

Savannah Fox's Mixed Wrestling Domination
with Thrash

Savannah "Big Booty" Fox shows her physical domination abilities on the mats against hapless male opponent Thrash. As Savannah pins Thrash down, she announces her rules for the match: that he will have to wrestle against her booty!

Using her favorite asset, Savannah wrestles Thrash down and traps him with a variety of facesitting pins. 
She smothers him with front and reverse facesits, bouncing on him, shaking her booty in his face, and playfully experimenting with different ways she can sit on him. And though she really enjoys facesitting, Savannah also torments Thrash with several scissor holds.

Savannah is entirely amused to trap Thrash beneath her, laughing and teasing as she bounces on his face. She concludes by declaring that he lost to her ass, hits a final school girl pin, and then a foot-on-chest standing pose.

Full video running time: 17 minutes

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