Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mixed Wrestling - Venom vs Conrad!

From our October live event...

Venom vs Conrad
Mixed Wrestling

Venom of London takes on local NYC challenger Conrad in this competitive mixed wrestling bout. Venom is a pro MMA fighter, highly skilled, and very well conditioned; meanwhile, Conrad hasn't trained in wrestling since middle school. As a result, young Conrad finds himself completely outmatched and overwhelmed!

Venom takes Conrad completely by surprise, immediately countering his first takedown attempt and punishing him with a strict, tight chokehold. Slightly shaken but still game, Conrad resets for another go... but it's all downhill from there. 

Venom outclasses Conrad in every way, punishing him with numerous submissions, tight grips, and rough handling. It's a humbling domination!

Conrad is shocked to be so manhandled, and his embarrassment only increases when Venom holds several chokehold submissions just past the tap-out. Venom clearly revels in her superiority and enjoys destroying her opponent, making things even worse for him by working him into a lotus lock! And she celebrates her win with a camel clutch victory pose. Venom is just so rough on the boys!

Total running time: 18:43

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