Sunday, December 29, 2013

Julie Squeeze's Pantyhose Domination

Also from our October 2013 event...

Julie's Pantyhose Domination
Julie Squeeze and Adrian

Julie Squeeze presents the crushing power of her nylon-clad legs in this one-sided mixed domination video.

Adrian's neck gets put to the test as Julie forces him to withstand her head scissors and figure 4's. Julie also shoves her feet in Adrian's face, body scissors him, slaps his body with her feet, punches his belly, and stands with her full weight on his body.

Julie doesn't hold back with her squeezing, causing beads of sweat to form on Adrian's brow as she scissors his head and body. She works him through long holds, and Adrian hangs on as best he can, until he eventually submits each time. Julie smiles as Adrian calls for mercy, amused to be so abusing her victim. She concludes with a victory pose.

Julie in thong leotard and tan pantyhose. 
Totally one-sided working through holds.
Full video running time: 14 minutes

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