Friday, September 13, 2013

Orlandoe tries Pro-Style vs VeVe Lane

Orlandoe gives pro-style a try, with splendid results...

Orlandoe vs VeVe Lane
Pro-Style Female Wrestling
September 2013

At long last, Orlandoe slaps on her wrestling shoes and steps up for a Pro-Style bout! And her opponent for this leotard and tights match is reigning queen, VeVe Lane. Now, VeVe's been beating up the local newcomers in the pro-style arena, but Orlandoe is no push-over.

This fantasy pro-style match features the following holds: Scissor holds, arm bars, cradle pin and crossbody pin, facesitting, the grapevine, Boston Crabs, Leg Hook pins, Camel Clutch, Venus Flytrap, Ceiling Holds (VeVe performs this twice on Orlandoe), Ab Claw, and Matchbook pin. Whew!

The ladies trade holds, and the action is very back-and-forth as they work each other over... 
...until Orlandoe catches VeVe in an inescapable, prolonged reverse facesit matchbook pin. With Orlandoe smothering her face and trapping her legs, VeVe fades out. Orlandoe claims a smug victory and a facesitting victory pose.

Running time: 25 minutes

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