Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mahea vs Kim of Italy: Competitive Female Wrestling

Mahea vs Kim of Italy
Competitive Female Wrestling

Visiting wrestlers Mahea of California and Kim of Italy meet for a competitive 20-minute match in NYC. Mahea is a MMA fighter who also trains in jiujitsu and positional wrestling. Kim is a jiujitsu grappler who is not easily intimidated. It's an uphill battle for Kim, but she bravely accepts the challenge.

The ladies face off in the 1st round for submissions-only scoring. However, after a sweaty Round 1, full of clinching, strength battles, body pressing, and long positional holds, neither wrestler is able to submit the other.

To increase scoring opportunities, Round 2 is for both submissions and 3-count pins. This decreases static positioning, increases sense of urgency, and allows a final winner to emerge.

Mahea: 5'6" and 130 lbs
Kim: 5'7" and 138 lbs

Includes opening and closing interviews conducted by VeVe Lane.
Full video running time: 23 minutes

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