Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Scissor Squeeze Contest: VeVe, Indra, Orlandoe, Annie

Who's got the strongest squeeze for summer 2013?

Scissor Squeeze Contest
with VeVe, Indra, Orlandoe, Amazon Annie, and Benji

The ladies get together one summer evening for a bit of fun: a scissoring contest! And to judge the contest, Orlandoe introduces her friend Benji. Judge Benji will receive scissors from each of the ladies and make his decisions from the experience.

VeVe, Indra, Orlandoe, and Amazon Annie each take turns competing to see who has the strongest, hardest scissor hold in the following 3 categories: basic head scissors, reverse head scissors, and body scissors. Each contestant will squeeze as hard as she can in order to impress Benji and make him tap out as soon as possible. Benji will then select a winner for each scissoring category. Whoever emerges as overall winner gets to take a bonus round.

The scissor holds are hard and fast. Benji tries to hold out as best he can, but it is impossible to resist for long. Each of the 4 ladies takes one turn in each of the 3 categories. The overall winner performs a more prolonged reverse head scissors as her bonus round.

Total running time: 10 minutes

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