Friday, July 26, 2013

Orlandoe vs Mahea: Competitive Female Match

Filmed this past Tuesday, July 23, 2013....

Orlandoe vs Mahea
Competitive Female Wrestling and Jiujitsu

Orlandoe and MMA fighter Mahea meet for the first time for a competitive wrestling match with varying rules for each round.

Since both ladies are blue belts in jiujitsu, they start off with a 10-minute round wearing their jiujitsu uniforms (gi). In this round, points can only be gained via submissions, though sweeps and reversals are important for gaining dominant positions.

In the second 10-minute round, the ladies shed their uniforms - Orlandoe wears a thong bikini and Mahea wears a sports bra and shorts. In this round, the ladies attempt to score points by submissions and pins (3-count, both shoulder blades down).

Mahea and Orlandoe are even in the first 2 rounds of competition, testing each other and coming out equally, with neither gaining control over the other. So, after a scoreless first two rounds, the match moves into a Sudden Death overtime 3rd round. The ladies choose to wear jiujitsu uniforms for pins and submissions. So they put their uniforms back on and grapple until a point is scored. Whoever scores the first point, either by submission or pin, will immediately emerge as the winner.

Orlandoe: 5'5" and 132 lbs.
Mahea: 5'6" and 130 lbs

Includes opening and closing interviews conducted by VeVe Lane.
Video total running time: 31 minutes

Available as a download or on DVD:

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