Friday, July 19, 2013

Mixed Judo: Tomoe Nage with VeVe and Hanz

Time for some hard falls!

The Tomoe Nage Judo Lesson
Mixed Judo with VeVe and Hanz

This mixed judo throw video is devoted to the Tomoe Nage throw, also known as the "Monkey Flip," "Stomach Throw," or front sacrifice throw. If you like the Tomoe Nage, you'll find a lot of it here!

VeVe portrays Hanz's judo sensei. The lesson for today is the tomoe nage throw. VeVe explains the basics of the throw to Hanz, demonstrating on him several times. She then allows him to practice by throwing her (lesson time: 9 minutes).

Once VeVe is satisfied that he has learned the throw, she offers him a chance to try it in a sparring situation. In their match, they will only use the tomoe nage throw. And every time someone scores a throw, he or she must finish the opponent with a submission attack (armbar, chokehold, triangle, etc). VeVe and Hanz reset to standing each time, fixing their belts and uniforms.

In their athletic bout, VeVe scores the majority of tomoe nage throws, but Hanz throws VeVe several times as well. The throws are fast, with some hard landings. In the end, VeVe scores the most throws and wins the match, concluding with a foot-on-face armbar and then a foot-on-groin victory pose.

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