Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Latex Lube Mixed Wrestling! VeVe vs Jay Dirtin

Shiny and slippery, indeed!

Latex Lube Mixed Wrestling
VeVe Lane vs Jay Dirtin
Competitive Mixed Wrestling: June 2013

VeVe takes on newcomer Jay Dirtin for a brand new - super shiny, super slippery - competitive mixed wrestling challenge: lubricated latex wrestling!

VeVe wears her new latex outfit - thigh-highs, skirt, and turtle-neck sleeveless top - and Jay wears his latex shorts. They both then cover themselves in silicone lube and get to work. The silicone lube is extremely slippery and, unlike oil, it does not absorb into the skin, keeping the wrestlers, the mats, and the latex slippery and shiny for the entire match.

The incredibly slippery environment is a tremendous challenge, and Jay finds maneuverability quite difficult. VeVe, however, handles herself amazingly well, sliding gracefully along the mats, hooking onto Jay, climbing on him, and submitting him multiple times. "How is this possible?!" Jay exclaims.

It's a good-spirited match, with banter and trash talk from both opponents. VeVe scores all of the submissions, while Jay, struggling to keep up and helpless in the slipperiness, cannot score any. It becomes hopeless for Jay as VeVe takes over and dominates the match. Great shine on both the skin and the latex. Impressive maneuvering by VeVe! She concludes with a proud flexing victory pose.

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