Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sircee's Facesitting Smothers and Scissors

Last weekend, Sircee displayed her natural talent for mixed domination...

Sircee's Facesitting Smothers and Scissors

Sircee shows off her new favorite wrestling moves: the facesit pin and the head scissors!

In fact, this full figured lady is a smothering fiend! Using crushing reverse facesits, high mount pins, and head scissors of all types, Sircee demonstrates the power of her voluptuous legs and hips. All at poor Diablo's expense!

Diablo's head and face get crushed as Sircee works him over with very tight reverse head scissors. She takes his breath away with her facesitting, shaking her booty and laughing at his suffering. Sircee has a ton of fun, taunting Diablo as she squeezes his head between her sizeable thighs. When it comes to smothering, she's a natural!

One-sided domination.   Sircee: 5'7" and 178 lbs.  Diablo: 5'6" and 165 lbs.  Total running time: 10 minutes

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Mixed Wrestling 2-on-1 with Indra, Adrian, and VeVe

Indra and Adrian put aside their past feuds for a common purpose...

Indra and Adrian vs VeVe Lane
2-on-1 Competitive Mixed Wrestling

Immediately following a video shoot together, Indra and Adrian join forces to take on VeVe!

VeVe has fought 2-on-1 matches against two women and against two men, but this is the first time she faces off against a male/female team. This fully competitive bout is for both pins and submissions, with the pins requiring a 10-second count.

Indra and Adrian work well together, communicating in attempts to coordinate their attacks, but VeVe out ranks both of them in wrestling skill and is experienced in 2-on-1 style matches.  Can Indra and Adrian coordinate well enough to foil VeVe's skill advantage? Can VeVe's superior experience overcome the combination of Adrian's strength and Indra's cheeky wiles? It's a very close match, with one side just barely pulling off the victory.

Indra: 5'3" and 125 lbs.
Adrian: 5'9" and 200 lbs.
VeVe: 5'4" and 120 lbs. 

Total running time: 12 minutes

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