Friday, March 29, 2013

Indra's Judo Lesson: Throws and Foot Domination

Another new release from last weekend...

Indra's Judo Lesson
with Mark and VeVe

Indra's specialty is karate, so VeVe takes a moment to help Indra practice her judo throws. And the ladies call in their favorite judo practice dummy: ShortFuse Mark.

Using Mark, VeVe demonstrates the hip throw, shoulder throw, and wrist throw, and then she gives Indra a chance to try the throws. Once VeVe is satisfied that Indra has the throws, she leaves Indra and Mark alone to practice.

But as Indra practices her throws, she discovers that her most favorite parts about judo are finishing her opponent with an armbar... and finishing him by forcing her feet into his face.

As their practice continues, Indra uses her feet more and more after each throw, slapping Mark in the face with them, rubbing her feet on his face and nose, and choking him with her feet on his throat. Until he's out.
Total running time: 12 minutes

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