Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Full Nelson Female Wrestling: VeVe vs Wrecks

Wrecks is back for shiny singlet wrestling....

Full Nelsons Match
VeVe vs Wrecks: Female Wrestling in Singlets
November 2012

VeVe and Wrecks put on their shiny singlets and meet for a "Special Conditions" wrestling match.
In this match, the ONLY hold that is worth any points is the Full Nelson, which must be held for a full 15-second count.

Furthermore, the Full Nelson must be accompanied by having both "hooks" in (heels on opponent's inner thighs) or body scissors to display back control. Whoever can achieve and hold the most 15-count Full Nelsons is the winner!

Running time: 17 minutes

Available as a download or on DVD:  http://www.doommaidens.com/store/nelsonmatch/

Also available at clips4sale:  http://clips4sale.com/47489/8121493


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