Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Female Tickle Wrestling: Indra vs Athena

Athena welcomes Indra back to NYC with....

Female Tickle Wrestling
Athena vs Indra

Athena and Indra, two very fun and ticklish ladies, go at it for a competitive tickle wrestling match!

The ladies wrestle for dominant positions to best attack each other's ticklish spots - feet, belly, ribs, neck, underarms. They carry on relentlessly with their tickling and grappling, until the the match time expires.

VeVe observes the match and, once the match ends, she steps in to judge the tickling and to decide which wrestler proved to be the most ticklish. Without a second thought, VeVe judges Indra to be the most ticklish and thus the loser... so Indra must face a punishment round. The punishment round is 1 and a half minutes of free foot tickling! Athena locks up Indra's legs with her own legs and mercilessly tickles Indra's feet until the punishment round is over.

Available as a download at Doom Maidens:

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