Friday, February 8, 2013

Nylon Sport Pants Domination Wrestling with Amazon Annie

Sport Pants Domination
Amazon Annie and VeVe Lane
Fantasy One-Sided Wrestling

January 2013
At clips4sale:

By special request, Amazon Annie and VeVe get together for a "special attire" fantasy wrestling match.
In this video, both ladies wear shiny, slippery black windbreaker pants (sport pants) and tank top shirts. The match is entirely one-sided, with Amazon Annie dominating the much smaller VeVe. Annie uses full body pins, breast smothers, belly smothers, and grapevines almost exclusively throughout the entire video, forcing VeVe to submit several times to smothers alone.

Movement is graceful, slow, and deliberate. The pins are long and slow, and they are held for several seconds as Annie works to smother VeVe's face and body, forcing the struggling smaller wrestler's submission.

Primary emphasis is on breast smothers, body smothers, and prolonged body pressing. Total domination of struggling smaller wrestler by the larger wrestler. Grapevines and forward mount are the main holds used in this video, with a cameo by the cross-body pin in the latter portion.

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