Thursday, February 28, 2013

Female Agent Pantyhose Wrestling Duel

VeVe and Orlandoe continue their rivalry on the mats in....

Female Agent Pantyhose Wrestling Duel
VeVe vs Orlandoe

VeVe and Orlandoe are rival agents who meet in a secret training facility for a final showdown. Agent Orlandoe has stolen a set of documents from Agent VeVe, and VeVe plans to take them back by force.
The ladies are both dressed in black leotards and tights, and they take to the mats in a choke hold filled grappling bout. The two agents struggle for control, each seeking to wrap her pantyhose-clad legs around her opponent's neck and body. They use guillotine chokes, triangles, scissors, smothers, and rear-naked-chokes in attempts to finish each other off.

It's a fine example of fluid and graceful pantyhose wrestling, with special emphasis placed on entwined legs and legs wrapping around the opponent's body. In the end, Agent VeVe emerges as the victor, putting her opponent out with a prolonged rear-naked-choke (arm choke from behind).

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