Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wild Pantyhose Wrestling: Minxy Li vs Candy Pain

Wild Pantyhose Wrestling!

Minxy Li vs Candy Pain
Competitive Female Wrestling
October 2013

Candy Pain makes her competitive wrestling debut against the tough and tenacious Minxy Li of London.

Candy was still wearing her thong leotard and tights from a previous video. So Minxy grabbed a pair of tights as well, suiting up with her fringe bikini and war paint. The tigress vs the huntress!

The ladies fight for submissions and 3-count pins. Minxy is an aggressive wrestler who pushes the pace throughout the bout, fighting fiercely against her larger opponent. Candy rises to the occasion, matching Minxy's speed and getting swept up in the intensity of the bout. Minxy's skill and ferocity can be intimidating to a newcomer, but Candy dives right in.

The ladies push themselves to exhaustion, escalating the physical intensity as the match progresses. The tights are slippery, adding to the challenge and emphasizing the ladies' legs. The ladies work for body scissors, armbars, smothers, and pins. The match is dynamic, and athletic. It's fast and furious wild pantyhose wrestling! The winner celebrates with a hard-earned victory pose.

Minxy Li: 5'2" and 141 lbs.
Candy: 5'7" and 170 lbs.

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Julie Squeeze's Pantyhose Domination

Also from our October 2013 event...

Julie's Pantyhose Domination
Julie Squeeze and Adrian

Julie Squeeze presents the crushing power of her nylon-clad legs in this one-sided mixed domination video.

Adrian's neck gets put to the test as Julie forces him to withstand her head scissors and figure 4's. Julie also shoves her feet in Adrian's face, body scissors him, slaps his body with her feet, punches his belly, and stands with her full weight on his body.

Julie doesn't hold back with her squeezing, causing beads of sweat to form on Adrian's brow as she scissors his head and body. She works him through long holds, and Adrian hangs on as best he can, until he eventually submits each time. Julie smiles as Adrian calls for mercy, amused to be so abusing her victim. She concludes with a victory pose.

Julie in thong leotard and tan pantyhose. 
Totally one-sided working through holds.
Full video running time: 14 minutes

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

VeVe Lane takes on Mistress Kara! - Oct 2013

VeVe Lane vs Mistress Kara
Competitive Female Wrestling
October 2013

VeVe takes on visiting wrestler Mistress Kara from California in this rough and dynamic competitive bout.
Kara is a terror on the mats - powerful and surprisingly fast. VeVe is petite, but a powerhouse in her own right - agile, focused, and highly skilled.

They fight at an exhausting pace, pushing each other's stamina and working hard for submissions. Kara puts her strength advantage to good use, but VeVe holds her own and angles for the perfect moment to strike.
These two tough and tenacious competitors leave it all on the mats in this grueling, sweaty, athletic wrestling battle! Most submissions wins.

VeVe Lane: 5'4" and 120 lbs.
Mistress Kara: 5'7" and 155 lbs.

Includes opening Arm Wrestling match and post-match comments.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mixed Wrestling - Venom vs Conrad!

From our October live event...

Venom vs Conrad
Mixed Wrestling

Venom of London takes on local NYC challenger Conrad in this competitive mixed wrestling bout. Venom is a pro MMA fighter, highly skilled, and very well conditioned; meanwhile, Conrad hasn't trained in wrestling since middle school. As a result, young Conrad finds himself completely outmatched and overwhelmed!

Venom takes Conrad completely by surprise, immediately countering his first takedown attempt and punishing him with a strict, tight chokehold. Slightly shaken but still game, Conrad resets for another go... but it's all downhill from there. 

Venom outclasses Conrad in every way, punishing him with numerous submissions, tight grips, and rough handling. It's a humbling domination!

Conrad is shocked to be so manhandled, and his embarrassment only increases when Venom holds several chokehold submissions just past the tap-out. Venom clearly revels in her superiority and enjoys destroying her opponent, making things even worse for him by working him into a lotus lock! And she celebrates her win with a camel clutch victory pose. Venom is just so rough on the boys!

Total running time: 18:43

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Crazy Azy Debuts Against Julie Squeeze - October 2013

Also from our October 2013 live filming event...

Crazy Azy vs Julie Squeeze
Competitive Female Wrestling
October 2013

Newcomer Crazy Azy makes her competitive wrestling debut against veteran wrestler Julie Squeeze.

Azy is a kickboxer and surfer from New York who's been grappling for 8 months. She's quick, sporty, and athletic. Julie isn't worried, coming into the match with her legs ready to lock on her trademark squeezing scissorholds.

Will Azy's speed get past Julie's crushing legs, or will this be a baptism by fire for the newcomer?
The ladies have never met before, so there's tension in the air as they tangle on the mats. A live audience adds to the pressure. The match is two rounds of 7:30 (15 min). Most submissions wins, with only one lady claiming victory in the end.

Crazy Azy: 5'2" and 133 lbs.
Julie Squeeze: 5'7" and 128 lbs.

Total running time: 18 min

From Doom Maidens Wrestling:
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VeVe Lane vs Venom - October 2013

From our October 2013 NYC Female Wrestling Expo filming event....

VeVe Lane vs Venom of London
Competitive Female Wrestling
October 2013

VeVe Lane squares off against pro MMA fighter Venom of London. This much-anticipated match-up was the first competitive female bout of our October 2013 NYC Live Filming Event.

Venom is tenacious, incredibly skilled, and very quick, with a threatening guard and an arsenal of submissions at her disposal. VeVe steels herself for the challenge and rises to the occasion, clashing with Venom for a tense grappling battle before a live studio audience.

Determined to stay active and aggressive, VeVe works hard to combat Venom's guard game, as Venom launches submission attacks and sweeps. After 2 official rounds, the ladies are forced into a 2-minute pins & submissions overtime round to determine a winner.

VeVe: 5'4" and 120 lbs.
Venom: 5'5" and 132 lbs.

Match is two rounds of 7:30 each, plus 2-minute overtime.

Total running time: 27 min

From Doom Maidens Wrestling:

Monday, December 2, 2013

Candy Pain Dominates Justin: Mixed Pro-Style Wrestling

Candy Pain gives Justin a test run, using her own special style...

Candy Pain Dominates Justin
Mixed Pro-Style Wrestling

Inline image 1

Candy Pain welcomes newcomer Justin onto the mats by putting him through the wringer! If Justin wants to wrestle with our tough ladies, he's got to make it through Candy's punishing pro-style holds first. Time to find out just how flexible Justin's spine can be...

Candy, in her black tights and tiger stripe thong leotard, works Justin over with a variety of her favorite, back-bending holds. Holds include (and often repeated):

Torture rack, Boston Crabs and single Crabs, Camel Clutches, bow and arrow hold, lotus lock, surf board, body scissors, head scissors, matchbook pin, Ceiling Hold (twice!), grapevine, and Venus Flytrap. She also softens him up with body slams and an Atomic Drop.

Candy's holds are tight and prolonged, and she bends Justin to his limits. Justin takes the punishment like a trooper, grimacing in pain as Candy works him over. She talks to him the whole time, describing her holds. She finishes up with a victory pose over the thoroughly dominated newcomer. A great display of confident physical control by Candy Pain!

Running time: 17:42

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

VeVe Lane vs Sable of LWS. Competitive Female Wrestling

It was a sweaty, scrappy time on the mats this weekend!

VeVe Lane vs Sable of LWS
Competitive Female Wrestling

Inline image 1

VeVe takes on visiting wrestler Sable from the UK in a furious and high intensity competitive match!

Sable is the London Wrestling Studio's strongest wrestler, with a creative, graceful, and unpredictable style. When she is paired against athletic risk-taker VeVe, the resulting match is a ferocious and dynamic struggle!
These two very competitive ladies hit the mats for a grueling bout of tangled limbs and rough, scrappy positional war. 

Takedowns, chokeholds, arm locks, scissors, sweeps, body pressure, mount, cross-body dominance, intertwining legs, and more. It's an exhausting endurance challenge! They both give their all and fight their hardest. Most submissions wins.

VeVe Lane: 5'4" and 120 lbs
Sable: 5'7" and 165 lbs

Video includes opening and closing comments.
Total running time: 24 min, 30 sec

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Orlandoe tries Pro-Style vs VeVe Lane

Orlandoe gives pro-style a try, with splendid results...

Orlandoe vs VeVe Lane
Pro-Style Female Wrestling
September 2013

At long last, Orlandoe slaps on her wrestling shoes and steps up for a Pro-Style bout! And her opponent for this leotard and tights match is reigning queen, VeVe Lane. Now, VeVe's been beating up the local newcomers in the pro-style arena, but Orlandoe is no push-over.

This fantasy pro-style match features the following holds: Scissor holds, arm bars, cradle pin and crossbody pin, facesitting, the grapevine, Boston Crabs, Leg Hook pins, Camel Clutch, Venus Flytrap, Ceiling Holds (VeVe performs this twice on Orlandoe), Ab Claw, and Matchbook pin. Whew!

The ladies trade holds, and the action is very back-and-forth as they work each other over... 
...until Orlandoe catches VeVe in an inescapable, prolonged reverse facesit matchbook pin. With Orlandoe smothering her face and trapping her legs, VeVe fades out. Orlandoe claims a smug victory and a facesitting victory pose.

Running time: 25 minutes

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mahea vs Kim of Italy: Competitive Female Wrestling

Mahea vs Kim of Italy
Competitive Female Wrestling

Visiting wrestlers Mahea of California and Kim of Italy meet for a competitive 20-minute match in NYC. Mahea is a MMA fighter who also trains in jiujitsu and positional wrestling. Kim is a jiujitsu grappler who is not easily intimidated. It's an uphill battle for Kim, but she bravely accepts the challenge.

The ladies face off in the 1st round for submissions-only scoring. However, after a sweaty Round 1, full of clinching, strength battles, body pressing, and long positional holds, neither wrestler is able to submit the other.

To increase scoring opportunities, Round 2 is for both submissions and 3-count pins. This decreases static positioning, increases sense of urgency, and allows a final winner to emerge.

Mahea: 5'6" and 130 lbs
Kim: 5'7" and 138 lbs

Includes opening and closing interviews conducted by VeVe Lane.
Full video running time: 23 minutes

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Orlandoe vs Mahea: Competitive Female Match

Filmed this past Tuesday, July 23, 2013....

Orlandoe vs Mahea
Competitive Female Wrestling and Jiujitsu

Orlandoe and MMA fighter Mahea meet for the first time for a competitive wrestling match with varying rules for each round.

Since both ladies are blue belts in jiujitsu, they start off with a 10-minute round wearing their jiujitsu uniforms (gi). In this round, points can only be gained via submissions, though sweeps and reversals are important for gaining dominant positions.

In the second 10-minute round, the ladies shed their uniforms - Orlandoe wears a thong bikini and Mahea wears a sports bra and shorts. In this round, the ladies attempt to score points by submissions and pins (3-count, both shoulder blades down).

Mahea and Orlandoe are even in the first 2 rounds of competition, testing each other and coming out equally, with neither gaining control over the other. So, after a scoreless first two rounds, the match moves into a Sudden Death overtime 3rd round. The ladies choose to wear jiujitsu uniforms for pins and submissions. So they put their uniforms back on and grapple until a point is scored. Whoever scores the first point, either by submission or pin, will immediately emerge as the winner.

Orlandoe: 5'5" and 132 lbs.
Mahea: 5'6" and 130 lbs

Includes opening and closing interviews conducted by VeVe Lane.
Video total running time: 31 minutes

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