Thursday, December 27, 2012

Squeezing Seduction with VeVe Lane

Squeezing Seduction
Mixed Wrestling Domination

VeVe plays a seductive secret agent who has captured a male rival agent (played by Mark) whom she suspects has a weakness for strong females. She flaunts her lean muscularity in front of him, taunting him to admit that he secretly wanted to be captured. He, of course, denies it.... yet he is unable to deny the convincing power of her squeezing strength.

VeVe releases him from his bonds and turns him into her helpless play thing, continually showing off her well-honed muscles and strength by crushing him with bear hugs and scissor holds. In order to best emphasize her arm definition and power, she uses the bear hug especially, both on the ground and while standing. All the while, Mark is unable to resist; he is too enthralled by being trapped in her squeezing holds.

After VeVe's alluring pressure earns Mark's submission, she finally brings him to admit that he is just a weakling who is helpless to resist her... because he likes it. Satisfied, she send him into oblivion with a final bear hug, all to her delight.

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