Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pantyhose Mixed Wrestling: VeVe and Twiggy

Pantyhose Duel 2012
VeVe Lane vs Twiggy: Mixed Wrestling
October 2012

VeVe takes on Twiggy in this athletic domination-style mixed wrestling match! Both VeVe and Twiggy wear tan colored pantyhose, with VeVe also wearing her black thong leotard for this bout of three 5-minute rounds.

For Round 1, VeVe wears a short white judo gi jacket and black belt over her leotard and pantyhose. She removes the jacket for Rounds 2 and 3.

The match includes athletic wrestling and several judo throws, though VeVe primarily focuses on armbars, scissors, and other holds that get her hose-clad feet and legs in Twiggy's face and on his throat.

Though Twiggy puts up a fight, VeVe's impressive skill and controlling holds force him to submit multiple times with desperate tap-outs. When the match is over, VeVe makes Twiggy admit his defeat, and then, placing her foot on his throat, she strikes a triumphant, flexing victory pose.

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