Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Karate Tickle Wrestling with VeVe and Thrash!

Karate Tickle Wrestling!
with VeVe and Thrash

Tickle torture in karate uniforms!

VeVe and Thrash meet for a karate sparring session. However, after a brief bout, VeVe soon realizes that Thrash is terrible at karate. VeVe is irritated that Thrash has wasted her time, and demands to know if he thought this was a joke... and then she decides to give him something to really laugh about...

VeVe moves in to tickle torture Thrash, using a variety of wrestling holds to control her victim as she tickles the soles of his feet. While VeVe amuses herself with the merciless tickling of Thrash's feet, Thrash can do little more than squirm and giggle helplessly.

Filmed in Full HD. Display size 1280 x 720.

Available at our Mixed Wrestling NYC clips store:  http://clips4sale.com/47489/6957015

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