Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Facesitting Torture: VeVe, Athena, and Thrash

Facesitting Torture with VeVe and Athena (and Thrash)
Stockholm Syndrome, Vol 2
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This is the 2nd installment in our Stockholm Syndrome Collection of mixed physical domination.

VeVe, dressed in her black thong-leotard and tights, pays a visit to her organization's latest prisoner, Thrash. To amuse herself before Athena arrives, VeVe subjects her prisoner to a sadistic and humiliating facesitting session. She smothers his face and leaves him breathless on several occasions, all the while laughing at his helplessness to stop her.

Once Athena arrives, the ladies change shifts, and VeVe leaves Athena to her fun. Athena, dressed in a nylon body stocking with a bikini underneath, continues with the facesitting torture in her own style. She also works Thrash over with scissors, grape vines, and school girl pins.

Despite the rough treatment, face crushing, and taunting by his captors, Thrash is unwillingly tantalized by the experience and thus powerless to resist. The ladies enjoy breaking him to their will, and bringing him to accept that he is nothing more than their mere play thing.

Filmed in Full HD. Display Size: 1280 x 720.
(VeVe's segment is approx 6 min long. Athena's is approx 8 min long)

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