Wednesday, August 8, 2012

VeVe Lane vs Toned Tommi: Competitive Female Wrestling

This was Tommi's first match with us upon her return trip the NYC in late July...

VeVe Lane vs Toned Tommi
Competitive Female Wrestling

At last, VeVe takes on visiting MMA fighter Toned Tommi in a submission wrestling match!

All submissions are legal (except heel hooks)
Two 10-min rounds in no-gi style
One 10-min round in gi (uniform)

VeVe brings her jiujitsu grappling skills and Tommi brings her MMA-style grappling game. And both bring their stamina, fitness conditioning, fight-smarts, and competitive personalities.  The result is a sweaty, athletic duel between two talented ladies!

VeVe Lane: 5'4" and 120 lbs
Tommi: 5'3" and 130 lbs

The ladies conclude the wrestling match with an arm wrestling bout.

Total running time: 35 minutes
(three 10-minute rounds)

Available as a download or on DVD:

Toned Tommi vs Ben: Competitive Mixed Wrestling

Toned Tommi vs Blazin' Ben
Competitive Mixed Wrestling

Pro female MMA fighter Toned Tommi is back again in NYC, and this time she takes on Blazin' Ben in a full-out competitive mixed wrestling match!

Ben is a former high school wrestler (pin-style), and takedowns are his preferred method of attack. Tommi, though, is better versed in jiujutsu and submission attacks. Ben blasts into the match with powerful throws and takedowns, his wrestling background posing a strong threat on the feet. Tommi works to keep her composure and launch grappling counter-attacks.

But while the pin-style wrestling defense is to go belly-down, belly-down is the last place you want to be when chokes are in use. Tommi takes advantage of every opportunity to capitalize on Ben's style vs style difficulties, locking on submissions fast and mercilessly.

And after a few hard landings, Tommi puts some extra spice into her jointlock attacks, paying her opponent back with a vengence.

Tommi: 5'3" and 130 lbs
Ben: 5'5" and 160 lbs

All submissions are legal
(except for heel hooks)

Filmed in Full HD (display size 1280 x 720)
Saved at maximum bit rate for very high quality playback.

Available as a download or on DVD: