Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Leotard and Tights Mixed Wrestling Domination

From the writers of VeVe Lane's Interrogation Torture....

Business & Pleasure, Vol 1
with VeVe and Adrian
Physical Domination Scenario
Available in the clips store:  http://clips4sale.com/47489/6494519

Backstory (not depicted): She meets him in a dance club and takes him back to a nearby warehouse. He thinks he's going to get luck, but she has other plans. She puts him out, and when he wakes up...

This video opens with Adrian tied to a chair, with VeVe on the ground in front of him, clad in a leotard and tights, stretching and warming up. She adores wearing this attire, and her attitude definitely shows it.
As the scene unfolds, she explains her cruel intentions: she's been hired to do away with him. But she is no average hitwoman, admitting that she likes to enjoy her work in her own special way, using only her tight, fit body to get the job done.

She unties him and takes him to the ground, where she uses combinations of wrestling holds, scissors, facesitting, and chokeholds to put him in place. He is so entranced by her beauty, by her outfit, and by the powerful dominance of the holds that he is helpless to resist.

She laughs at his mindless fascination and taunts him for being a simple-minded male, to be so snared. As a female, she declares herself his superior, and commands him to worship her feet. Entranced, he must comply, kissing her toes and feet until she has decided she's had enough of him. Once she has tired of the game, she finishes the job with a figure-4 chokehold that really takes his breath away... and gives her great delight.

Full Video running time: 30 minutes
Filmed in Full HD (display size 1280 x 720)

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Intense Female Belly Punching with VeVe and Orlando

Well, who else would you expect?  These ladies are crazy.

Anyway, now in our clips store.....

Female Belly Punching!
with VeVe and Orlandoe


As a follow-up to their Ab Workout Contest, VeVe and Orlandoe agree to give their abs a real workout!

In this clip, VeVe and Orlandoe trade hard belly punches until they can't take it any more. They test each other at first, gradually increasing the power and fury of their punches up until the very end.

The final result is a set of red, sore bellies.

Filmed in Full HD. Display size: 1280 x 720

Available in our Mixed Wrestling NYC clips4sale store:  http://www.clips4sale.com/47489/6488401 

Check out that clip preview!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Toned Tommi vs Hanz: Mixed Wrestling

Our first match video for July...

Toned Tommi vs Hanz
Mixed Wrestling Athletic Domination

By special request: Tommi demonstrates her mean streak in this hour-long athletic domination-style mixed wrestling video. She takes on Hanz for this long, sweaty occasion, and proceeds to drive him to the ground, fight for top position, and unleash submission after submission upon him.

Even though she wears a mouth-guard, Tommi takes moments to taunt and trash talk her opponent. When they're not in a scramble, the two wrestlers engage in insulting banter. Most trash talk, insults, and banter take place later into the match, as Tommi begins to rack up the points. 

Tommi displays total control over Hanz during the takedowns, works for creative and interesting submissions, and even includes special "domination-style" moves and submissions such as smothers and head scissors to gain more tap-outs.

It's a one-sided match with Tommi scoring dozens of submissions. Yet Hanz pushes the pace throughout and mounts a brave resistance whenever he's able, keeping the action lively and athletic through the entire 60 minutes of fighting. 

Tommi: 5'3" and 125 lbs
Hanz: 6'1" and 180 lbs

Tommi concludes with brief flexing and a triumphant victory pose.

Total Video running time: 65 minutes
Filmed in Full HD (display size 1280 x 720)

Available as a download or on DVD: http://www.doommaidens.com/store/tommihanz/


VeVe Lane's Dancewear Judo Domination

VeVe gets light on her feet to give Diablo a hard time...

Dancewear Judo Domination
VeVe Lane & Diablo
June 2012

Decked out in her dance leotard and reinforced toe tights, VeVe uses judo throws and takedowns to wear down her male victim and knock the wind out of him.

Once she's exhausted him with some hard landings, she moves in to use her nylon-clad legs to punish him further with scissors, figure-4 triangles, facesits, and reverse triangles to show off her level of control.
She revels in her superiority and enjoys herself as she wraps her legs around her victim in many different ways. Once she tires of the game, she finishes him off with a reverse triangle facesit that really takes his breath away.

A fantasy domination video with a continuous flow of controlling holds.

Full Video running time: 19 minutes
Filmed in Full HD (display size 1280 x 720)

Available as a download or on DVD at the Doom Maidens store: http://www.doommaidens.com/store/dancewearjudo/

Also available at our clips4sale store: http://clips4sale.com/47489/6445533