Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Indra's Mixed Wrestling Foot Domination

Indra is BACK on screen with us!  And she's got some "foot work" to show off...

Indra thrashes Thrash
Foot Domination Mixed Wrestling
Filmed April 2012
Available in our clips store:

After wrapping up a custom judo video, Indra decided to make a special little clip of her own. She throws off her uniform jacket and throws Thrash to the mats.

While dominating Thrash on the mats, Indra coaxes and teases her victim into admitting that he likes feet. Indra is thrilled by this news, teasing Thrash even further into admitting that he even worships feet. "You're such a little bitch," Indra exclaims, as she rubs her bare foot in his face.

Indra then proceeds to further humiliate Thrash by slapping him with her feet, harshly choking him with her feet on his throat, rubbing her feet on his face and nose, and finally forcing him to worship those lovely feet of hers.

Great trash-talking, belittling, and "foot work" by Indra, in her infamous cheeky style!

Available in our clips store.  Direct link:

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