Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Judo Punishment, Heels, and Fishnets (with VeVe)

Filmed February 2012...

Judo Throw Punishment
with VeVe Lane and Mark


Having been thoroughly thrashed in their last Judo throws video, Mark complains that the only reason VeVe was able to defeat him was that her attire was too sexy and distracting. So, Mark demands that VeVe wear a full judo uniform and take him on again.

VeVe agrees, and she arrives in a full uniform. And in high heel shoes! She then proceeds to toss Mark effortlessly, using hip throws, shoulder throws, and wrist throws (while wearing the heels!). She then removes her shoes and forces him to worship her feet, standing over him and putting her foot into his face and mouth.

VeVe then strips off her uniform completely to reveal a bra, thong, garter belt, and fishnet thigh-high stockings underneath. Now in her sexy undergarments, VeVe judo throws Mark even more. She forces her feet into his face and mouth, compounding his defeat and humiliation. Mark ends up entirely shell-shocked. VeVe ends with a triumphant victory pose.

Running time: 10 minutes.

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