Monday, March 26, 2012

Amazon Annie vs Kali: Competitive Female Wrestling

Amazon Annie vs Kali
Competitive Female Wrestling

By special request, Amazon Annie takes on visiting wrestler Kali of London. Though both ladies are well matched for toughness and experience, Annie has a considerable size advantage over Kali...
However, in order to even the odds and make the battle particularly grueling, this match has certain special conditions:

No jointlocks of any sort. No chokes.
Amazon Annie is NOT permitted to use scissors.
(Kali may use scissors)
Annie is only permitted to attempt submissions using the following moves:
Grapevine, school girl pin, full nelson, full body press (crushing pins).

Though out-sized, Kali rises to the occasion and fights with the heart of a lion, a true scrapper who doesn't back down. Annie works hard to submit her opponent using only body pressure and smothering pins - a challenging condition that makes this match an "old school" female wrestling style bout!

Amazon Annie: 6'0" and 206 lbs
Kali: 5'6" and 126 lbs

Most submissions wins.
Match includes opening comments, weigh in, and brief closing comments.
Running time: 24 minutes

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tickle Torture Mixed Wrestling: Orlandoe and Ben

Filmed March 2012....

Orlandoe & Ben:
Tickle Torture Mixed Wrestling!

Ever wily, Orlandoe approaches Ben and asks if he would like to try bondage wrestling with her. Ben agrees. But as they prepare for the match, Orlandoe jumps the gun and ties Ben's hands behind his back.

Orlandoe rejoices at her opponent's helplessness, and ventures in to tickle the soles of his feet. Ben turns out to be very ticklish on his soles, and Orlandoe decides to amuse herself by tickling him senseless.

She wrestles him into various holds as Ben futilely struggles to avoid the merciless tickling. Every time Orlandoe catches Ben's legs and feet, she tickles his soles relentlessly! Once she's had her fun, Orlandoe ends with a victory pose.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Clobberetta's Mixed Wrestling Crushing Return

Back in on-screen action...

Clobberetta's Crushing Return
Mixed Wrestling Domination

Clobberetta returns from a brief hiatus out of town, and she's eager to demonstrate the nasty ways she's learned to demolish men.

She pulls a hapless victim aside and tosses him to the mats, declaring that he will do nicely. She then proceeds to put her size to good use and smother, squeeze, and squash him into oblivion, despite his futile resistance.

Clobberetta pins and controls him using the front and back mount, the school girl pin, the match box pin, a spine-wrecking modified camel clutch (grip at elbows, not chin), and full body presses, as well as a few shoulder and arm locks thrown in for good measure.

Once her victim is fully worn down, Clobberetta tops it all off with taunting, breath-stealing smothering, and a victory pose.

Clobberetta: 5'11" and 270 lbs
Ben: 5'6" and 155 lbs

Full video running time: 12 minutes 

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Judo Punishment, Heels, and Fishnets (with VeVe)

Filmed February 2012...

Judo Throw Punishment
with VeVe Lane and Mark


Having been thoroughly thrashed in their last Judo throws video, Mark complains that the only reason VeVe was able to defeat him was that her attire was too sexy and distracting. So, Mark demands that VeVe wear a full judo uniform and take him on again.

VeVe agrees, and she arrives in a full uniform. And in high heel shoes! She then proceeds to toss Mark effortlessly, using hip throws, shoulder throws, and wrist throws (while wearing the heels!). She then removes her shoes and forces him to worship her feet, standing over him and putting her foot into his face and mouth.

VeVe then strips off her uniform completely to reveal a bra, thong, garter belt, and fishnet thigh-high stockings underneath. Now in her sexy undergarments, VeVe judo throws Mark even more. She forces her feet into his face and mouth, compounding his defeat and humiliation. Mark ends up entirely shell-shocked. VeVe ends with a triumphant victory pose.

Running time: 10 minutes.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Bondage Beatdown for Hire: VeVe Lane + Mark

Filmed on our visit to Mobile, AL, to visit Mark of Brutal Beauties (aka "ShortFuse Mark")....

Bondage Beatdown for Hire
with VeVe and Mark

VeVe has been hired by Mark's vengeful Ex-wife to ambush him, torture him, humiliate him... and catch it all on video.

Mark, preparing for a routine shoot, arrives in what appears an empty studio. But as he settles in, he is jumped by VeVe, takendown, lotus locked, and painfully bound. Mark is thoroughly shocked, but as she binds him, VeVe explains his dire situation...

As the torture commences, VeVe strips Mark of his shirt and proceeds to punish him with bare-knuckle punches to the ribs and belly, intense face slapping, verbal abuse, kicks, stomps, feet in his face, choking, and facesitting.

VeVe makes sure Mark savors his pain, untying him and rebinding him several times into different positions, concluding with a hogtie. While Mark is tightly and helplessly bound, VeVe rains down the blows in a sadistic and calculated fashion, laughing and thoroughly enjoying herself the entire time.

As Mark begins to lose consciousness from his pain, VeVe strikes a powerful victory pose over him and leaves him, bound, alone, and utterly humiliated.

A powerful piece with tight, skillful bondage and brutal striking.

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