Wednesday, February 22, 2012

VeVe's Karate Nylons Sequel

As a more pose-oriented sequel to VeVe's previous Karate Nylons video, we now have...

Karate Nylons
with VeVe and Jason

This is VeVe Lane's SECOND "Karate Nylons" video. In this sequel, she is wearing a turtle neck black thong leotard and high quality black pantyhose with a large reinforced toe. She takes on the "Karate Gang" (played by Jason).

The video includes 7 scenes depicting the female agent defeating the uniformed Karate Men using a multitude of kicks and chops. The scenes also include close-ups on her legs, feet, and toes.

This new sequel version strongly emphasizes feet-to-face poses, with long holds on these poses once the action comes to a pause.

Running time: 16 minutes
(Note: This is NOT a "beatdown" video, but is a fantasy kicking video.)

Available as a download or on DVD from our Doom Maidens site:

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