Wednesday, February 22, 2012

VeVe's Karate Nylons Sequel

As a more pose-oriented sequel to VeVe's previous Karate Nylons video, we now have...

Karate Nylons
with VeVe and Jason

This is VeVe Lane's SECOND "Karate Nylons" video. In this sequel, she is wearing a turtle neck black thong leotard and high quality black pantyhose with a large reinforced toe. She takes on the "Karate Gang" (played by Jason).

The video includes 7 scenes depicting the female agent defeating the uniformed Karate Men using a multitude of kicks and chops. The scenes also include close-ups on her legs, feet, and toes.

This new sequel version strongly emphasizes feet-to-face poses, with long holds on these poses once the action comes to a pause.

Running time: 16 minutes
(Note: This is NOT a "beatdown" video, but is a fantasy kicking video.)

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mixed Bondage Wrestling with VeVe, Ben, and hogties

The latest from VeVe's rope work wrestling...

VeVe vs Ben: 
Mixed Bondage Match
(Bondage Wrestling + Hogtie Finish)

Part 1: Bondage Wrestling
Blazin' Ben challenges VeVe to a bondage wrestling match. He's a strong wrestler, but he's never faced VeVe with rope involved. And the ropes VeVe brings along for this match are thin and pack a harsh, painful bite...

VeVe and Ben begin the match with an athletic display of competitive mixed wrestling. But as soon as VeVe gets her hands on the rope and secures it around Ben's limbs, his explosiveness starts to diminish. The bite from the rope helps immobilize her opponent as VeVe works for a hogtie.

The round ends once VeVe successfully gets Ben face down and binds his ankles and wrists in an "open" hogtie (she holds the ends of the wrist & ankle ties in her hand). As VeVe plants her foot on his back, Ben argues for a second chance. After teasing him for losing, she agrees and begins to untie him.

Part 2: Hogtied & Taunting
At the conclusion of Part 1, Ben, laying on his belly and tied at the wrists and ankles, argues that VeVe should give him a second chance at the match. VeVe agrees, releases him, and lets him up for another go.

This clip starts with VeVe finishing up a tight hogtie on Ben following his second wrestling chance. As he's belly-down, she snuggly binds his wrists to his ankles for the classic hogtie. And there the fun only begins.

While he's hogtied, she taunts him badly, pushing him around, sitting on top of him and belittling him, pushing him into a kneeling position, tickling the soles of his feet, twisting his nipples, squeezing his head with scissors and triangles, and laughing all the while.

She finally tortures him into saying "please" to her. However, she declares that she doesn't want to hear any more from him, and so gags him with a classic ball gag and, after striking a victory pose, she leaves him there, hogtied and gagged.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bondage Wrestling: Orlandoe Tricks VeVe

Filmed earlier this week, by special request...

Bondage Wrestling Trickery
Orlandoe vs VeVe Lane

VeVe and Orlandoe set up for a friendly bondage wrestling match. But Orlandoe has a plan for a guaranteed victory...

Orlandoe tricks VeVe into wearing cuffs on each hand and ties VeVe's hands together behind her back, forcing VeVe to start the match with an enormous handicap.

The ladies start out friendly and cordial, but tension grows as the rope bites, as VeVe thrashes to escape, and as Orlandoe becomes irritated at her opponent's willfulness. 

In a vicious struggle, Orlandoe manages to fully secure VeVe's arms to her body with ropes across the chest and eventually gain a full hogtie. It's not easy, and VeVe is a skilled (and now furious!) wrestler, even when bound. But Orlandoe has the edge, thanks to her little trick.

Once the hogtie is achived, Orlandoe demands that VeVe admit defeat. When VeVe refuses, Orlandoe tortures her with intense choke holds. 

In the end, Orlandoe wins her opponent's submission and strikes a triumphant victory pose.
An impressive display of dexterity from both ladies, intense struggle, viciousness and menace, and rope-work in action. ... and bad blood in the making!

Full video running time: 35 minutes.

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