Tuesday, September 20, 2011

VeVe and Indra: Kick Torture with Thrash. Hard belly-kicking Video

VeVe was looking for an opportunity to be "really mean." And she got it.

Kick Torture
with VeVe, Indra, and Thrash
Mixed Kicking Domination


VeVe and Indra practice their kickboxing with a hard-hitting session against their human kick-pad, Thrash.

The ladies are especially mean and nasty as they take turns throwing hard kicks and knees at Thrash's belly and ribs. They laugh and taunt as he doubles over in pain and gets the wind knocked out of him.

They also take turns holding Thrash as they kick him and later stomp his belly when he falls to the floor. All while laughing at his expense.

It's quite sadistic, with very real, forceful kicks.

Running time: 9 minutes.

VeVe wears a short, shiny dress for half of the video, then strips to a bikini.
Indra wears her red bathing suit throughout.

Available as a download: http://www.doommaidens.com/store/kicktorture/

View the trailer on youtube here:


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