Tuesday, September 20, 2011

VeVe and Indra: Kick Torture with Thrash. Hard belly-kicking Video

VeVe was looking for an opportunity to be "really mean." And she got it.

Kick Torture
with VeVe, Indra, and Thrash
Mixed Kicking Domination


VeVe and Indra practice their kickboxing with a hard-hitting session against their human kick-pad, Thrash.

The ladies are especially mean and nasty as they take turns throwing hard kicks and knees at Thrash's belly and ribs. They laugh and taunt as he doubles over in pain and gets the wind knocked out of him.

They also take turns holding Thrash as they kick him and later stomp his belly when he falls to the floor. All while laughing at his expense.

It's quite sadistic, with very real, forceful kicks.

Running time: 9 minutes.

VeVe wears a short, shiny dress for half of the video, then strips to a bikini.
Indra wears her red bathing suit throughout.

Available as a download: http://www.doommaidens.com/store/kicktorture/

View the trailer on youtube here:


Competitive Mixed Wrestling! VeVe vs Hanz Vanderkill!

It was hot and sweaty this past Wednesday at the studio....

VeVe Lane vs Hanz Vanderkill
Competitive Mixed Wrestling


They tangled before, when they were both very young in the mixed wrestling realm. Now, several years later, stronger, more fit, and more experienced, these two wrestling rivals meet again.

And what a clash it is!

In truly competitive and intense wrestling battle, VeVe and Hanz put their strength and skill to the test. It's exhausting, it's dynamic, it's athletic, and it is quite the grueling, sweaty struggle.

VeVe, in her classic thong bikini, must muster up all of her agility, endurance, and fighting finesse to match Hanz's might, size, and crushing pressure.

VeVe: 5'4" and 125 lbs
Hanz: 6'1" and 190 lbs

This match is two 10-minute rounds.
All submissions are legal.

Available as a download or on DVD: http://www.doommaidens.com/store/vevehanz2011/


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Athena roughs up Twiggy: New Mixed Bondage Wrestling

Athena vs Twiggy
Mixed Bondage Wrestling

Athena tries her hand at mixed bondage wrestling. And her opponent Twiggy is in for a rough time!

Using a very forceful and physical style, Athena sets out to snare, control, and immobilize Twiggy, who meanwhile struggles in attempts to escape.

With Athena pinning him, though, Twiggy doesn't make much progress at evading Athena's ropes. It's a demoralizing struggle for him. Athena's physicality and size advantage serve her well in capturing and binding her opponent.

Twiggy eventually finds himself exhausted, crushed, and bound hand-and-foot.

Athena: 5'9" and 160 lbs
Twiggy: 5'6" and 125 lbs

This video is 12 minutes long, continuous.
Also includes brief introduction.

Available as a download at the Doom Maidens video store:

Friday, September 9, 2011

Amazon Annie ready to Roll! Back from summer vacation.

Amazon Annie is officially back in New York City after her summer vacation!

The NYC Queen of Squeeze has been busy catching up on her e-mail, and now she's ready to roll. You can reach Annie via direct e-mail here: amazon.wrestler@gmail.com

And for those who haven't seen it yet, here's Annie Lift & Carry and Mixed Wrestling Holds demo from April:

Also, if you're an Amazon Annie fan and haven't seen these yet, check out Annie's previous video work in our Doom Maidens video store:




Remember, guys, she does love crushin' people.

Happy September!